Logan Sama- Oneaway Style

Here’s review I wrote a while back… See what you think.

Not normally one to enter into any sort of competition, my theory being you never actually win anything- so what really is the point? It came as quite a surprise when the contrasting theory ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ seemed to triumph recently. Luck, which seems to avoid me most of the time obviously realised its visit was well over due and rewarded me with two tickets to an exclusive music event hosted by DJ Logan Sama in London this Monday. Inspired by Nike ID this event boasted live PA’s from a number of different artists within the grime scene. I hoped to witness a set from Logan himself plus a performance from Ghetto, which at this point I had yet to experience. I expected a lot from the night, and suffice to say I was a long way from disappointed by its outcome.

At a small venue somewhere in Old Street I began to worry. Greeted by a more than half empty room Logan seemed to be well into his set. Taking place was any DJ’s worst nightmare; the small number of people that had actually arrived by this point seemed to be attached to walls, unable to express any sort of emotion or body movement. You’ll be glad to hear I did not hold back, and as the room began to fill Logan’s set only got better, mixing together the best of old and new I was extremely impressed. Despite listening to his radio show every week, his talent here was truly displayed. Performances followed from The Newham Generals, and Tinchy Stryder. Tinchy gave a performance of ‘Stryderman’ a good, catchy song that I predict will almost definitely become a hit. Following the commercial success of Wiley’s ‘Wearin My Rolex’ Tinchy, like others has jumped immediately at the chance to take on the electro craze and with production from Kano this track is certainly something of a smash.  Next to hit the stage was Skepta, JME, and Jammer who yet again provided the audience with their lively and comical sets which looked completely effortless but entertaining nonetheless. Undoubtedly, the best performance of the night came as no surprise; I had expected big things and Ghetto proved me absolutely right. After the energetic delivery of both ‘Top 3 Selected’ and ‘Mountain’ the performance of ‘Who’s Got Barz’ was brilliantly controversial. Unable to hold back Ghetto insisted the audience was asking him to do so, despite the lyrics being aimed at both Skepta and JME who were in fact in the crowd at this point. Finally broken, the audience for the first time looked as though they were having a good time; although considering everyone in the room had been invited as representatives of the music industry their passion for ‘music’ left much to be desired.

Much to my own disappointment, despite his presence at the venue I have yet to witness the clever lyricism of Wretch 32 anywhere other that my ipod headphones. I only hope that I will not have to wait long before doing so. After such a highly entertaining night; including wonderful performances from some of the best artists within the scene and a brilliant set from Logan, somehow school the next day seemed something of a chore.


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