The Kanye West Foundation.

With a career spanning almost a decade the chi-town rapper has built himself a pretty impressive CV. Add to the list of accomplishments philanthropist, amongst celebrated producer, rapper, singer, fashion designer, author and superstar and your half way there. Looking back it’s hard to imagine the once college drop-out as the architect of many of the decades biggest hip-hop records. All those years ago we could not have envisaged anything like the star we see today.



 With an ego that almost proceeds himself, Mr. West is generally either loved or hated.  In my case it is quite the former. His infamous storming of the stage at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards when his video for ‘Touch the Sky’ lost out to Justices ‘We Are Your Friends’ did little for his already slightly wavering public image. His critics however, tend to forget the work he does for others. Yes, it is probably best to brush over the arrogance, but realistically this is what makes him so successful. Although it may not appear so, for Kanye West it really isn’t all about him.

 ‘The Kanye West Foundation’ is an organisation established to improve the server drop-out problem in schools across the US. ‘Loop Dreams’ is a program which uses community organisations to provide under served youth access to music production programs using decidedly non-school methods. Time management, communication, commitment, and responsibility are just some of the skills the scheme hopes to provide for students through it’s specifically hands on approach. Guest speakers, namely music professionals are also brought in with the hope of inspiring these youngsters who may have otherwise dropped out of college.

 The statistics are shocking and with a staggering 50% drop-out rate Chicago, Illinois is not alone…


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