Looking back in Wretrospective.


With an hour to spare this afternoon I drew for the CD cases, a rarity these days I know, and found myself scrambling excitedly for ‘Wretrospective’, an album which I must admit hasn’t seen the light of day for a good while. It was the best move I made all day; I had forgotten literally how much of a banger this album actually is. After the first thirty seconds the volume was dramatically increased. I was soon reacquainted with the sheer diversity this album provides to the keen listener. No one beat or production sounds like any other, Wretch’s lyrics are on fire and the feature list is immense. After 66 minutes of listening pleasure I was angered that I hadn’t enjoyed the album in its entirety for such a long time. I can safely say, that won’t be happening again.

 This is basically to say don’t do what I did, GO AND LISTEN TO IT NOW.


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