2010’s got me excited.

To catch more of my features, interviews, pieces (whatever you want to call ’em)  you’ll have to wait until the new year… By then things will really have started poppin’ off. Don’t worry I’ll keep you all updated on the exciting news as it comes in but for the meantime please keep checking in. I am so very grateful for all your lovely comments and extremely happy people enjoy what I do. For you all I  will endeavour to keep posting!

Here’s a little taster for y’all.

If I were to say bass ridden beats, 808 drums, huge energy and catchy lyrics would you have any idea what I’m talking about? How about the ‘walking it out’, ‘2 stepping’, the ‘snap’ maybe?

Kanye West protégé A-Trak, a mastermind of ‘Turntablisim’, a typical instrument in the production of southern hip-hop has a lot to say about the genre. According to the DJ, the south (particularly Atlanta) is ‘one of the most fertile breeding grounds… for prolific rappers’. He also believes that ‘southern rap gets the most energy out of the crowds’. This isn’t far from the truth, it seems southern hip-hop is certainly tailor-made for the clubs…



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