Bashy is ABSOLUTLEY killin’ it right now. You wouldn’t think he’d have enough time in the day to do everything he’s doing, acting, mc’ing, music supervising- the list goes on. But he is- and why wouldn’t he? Being a very talented young man like himself.

And to talk more of Bashy, I went to see the film ‘Freestyle’ last night, another Revolver Entertainment release for which Bashy plays role of ‘Music Supervisor’. Certainly, the soundtrack for the film was the best part, Bashy did a very good job. However, as much as I hate being critical, the rest of the film certainly didn’t live up to its top-notch musical selection. I assume this has much to do with the low-budget, which cannot be helped and it was never intended to be a blockbuster I know, but something just wasn’t right.

Of course, you must remember this is only my opinion, I’m not trying to influence yours, I’m just putting mine out there. I think it was just a bit too stereotypical for me, the working-class Oxford-bound schoolgirl and a handsome working-class lad falling for each other just isn’t that convincing anymore. I’ve seen the same thing a million times before, and I hate to say it, but the American’s do it better.

What do you think?


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