Into a pint glass he would pour her.

I wasn’t going to post this but seeing as I just posted about J2K and he features in the A-List thought I should.

Plus the songs actually good. Its got a nice catchy hook. Wiley makes me laugh. Again J2K features as I previously stated (not that I’m excited or anything) Plus its got some nice S.O.B’s. I’m talking ones that make me laugh, before you all start commenting saying ‘Omg Jada they’re shitttt’. As long as they’re entertaining I’m all for it, weather it be funny, memorable or the most amazing metaphor I’ve heard in my whole entire life.

So on that note here’s my S.O.B for this track, “Midnight Lover” by The A-List courtesy of Captin

“What’s you name, what’s your number, knew that soon as I seen your bumper”

(it just wouldn’t be the same in any other accent)


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