This week me and a mate have been reminiscing over grime. The type created post 2004 though- before that I was too young.

I was always the girl who listened to grime, ironically however the people who constantly talked about this being the case, had no idea what grime actually was. I think they just liked saying ‘omg Jada listens to grime music’. Even today they ask  ‘do you still like grime?’  The answer is yes. The old stuff anyway…So Solid, Northstar, K Sounds, Essentials, Ruff Squad, More Fire, and the like.

Allstars = Shoogle Riddim 

Bashy, Trooper, Mercston, Lethal B, Maxwell, Fumin, Slicks, Dirty Danjah, Tinchy Strider, Ozzie B, Rapid, Roachee, Crazy Titch, J2K, Jamakabi…

Southside Allstars = Southside 

Created quite a storm back in 2008. I remember people climbing over each other to get this on their phone, reciting the lyrics word for word in the playground, and getting excited when they heard their area shouted out (even if it only was for a split second.) For me, this track is one of the most definitive of the period.

E.N.D productions/The Endz = Bunzi Dangerous, Amina and Dynamic M

Again another stand out track from the late 2000’s that had everyone asking the same question, ‘Are your really really from the endz?’

Nikkie S & Nyke = Hey Nikkie 

‘Hey nyke’s I just got a text, two girls from west want sex…’ One of my favourite’s for sure.

Tinie Tempah = Wifey 

Oh how he’s moved on since After Shock days but still this remains the banger it was back in 2006.

K Sounds = Next Up 

I liked the remix too, if I can remember rightly that featured fellow south-Londoners Tinie Tempah and Messy.

Davinche (ft Kano & Katie Pearl) = Leave Me Alone

A classic Davinche production. He was making the hits back then and not much has changed, still banging them out to this day.

I could sit here posting all day but we don’t have time for that. These are just a taster of my best moments, I’ve chosen to leave out a lot of the more obvious tracks because you could probably guess which ones they are.

South london did a huge amount for grime back in day, all the best grime came from south. It may have originated in east but the south kept it moving.


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