Coolie Gal Riddim

Quite a few of my favourite artists have jumped on this riddim which makes it all the more difficult to decide. I think Khago takes it though, slyly.

Khago – Gangsta Gallis

Closely followed by…

Bugle – Champion Gal

…and Popcaan – Coolie Gal


Swagga Dem

Oi Stylo!

Stylo G – Swagga Dem (2011)

Mad Max ft Stylo – Bazzle (2011)

Stylo G, Juvinile, Maxx & Stamma Kid – Snapback Medley (2012)

Introducing: Stainer

If you listened to me whilst I was on Deja Vu FM around this time last year you may remember me making a track called “Queen’s Face” by Stainer my Bangladeshy Banger. I’ve had my eye on him ever since and over the past few months he’s really caught my attention again. Stainer’s delivery makes you listen. It seems he’s ready to make his mark on the UK rap scene and if the music he’s creating right now is anything to go by, he will. Catch some of his latest work, including a Warm Up Session for SBTV and other freestyles below.

Follow Stainer on Twitter @StainerMusic

I dreamed a dream.

I cry every single time I watch this. 300 million YouTube hits and counting, this woman is an absolute sensation.

“The fearlessness to dream about something other than the lot life has handed you. The chance to escape. The pivotal role of music as a conduit to go to another place, sometimes lodged at the outer recesses of your imagination, and to allow that new place to blossom.”

However many times it has been said now, Susan Boyle should be an inspiration to everyone who dares to dream.